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Kafkalla tis Malis
Tomb and Item: 
Tomb 56, P48
Red Polished III
Rim and upper neck sherd from a large closed vessel, probably an amphora. Round horizontal mouth with everted flattened rim. Thin incised decoration. Group of eleven parallel vertical lines on rim, between two parallel horizontal zig-zag/wavy lines, as preserved. On the upper neck, six parallel horizontal lines. Angled line on mid-neck, part of a larger motif. Slipped on the interior of neck. Drawn.
General shape: large closed -- Extent preserved: <1/3 -- Parts: rim, neck -- Joins: 1 -- Mouth type: round -- Mouth angle: horizontal -- Rim course: everted -- Rim profile: constant -- Rim end: flattened -- Rim diameter - general: 100-200 -- Rim diameter - specific: 110 -- Wall below rim: 5 -- Exterior slip: medium -- Exterior lustre: high -- Mottling - exterior: none -- Colour - exterior: 2.5YR5/6 -- Colour - fabric: 7.5YR7/4-7/6 -- Burnish: even -- Texture: very fine -- Inclusions - number: few -- Inclusions - size: small -- Inclusions - colour: white -- Hardness: medium-soft -- Core presence: none -- Decoration technique: incised