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Tomb 772, P4
Black Slip III
small closed
Lower body and part of base from a small closed vessel, probably a juglet. Base probably flattened but not offset. Thin-walled. Thin incision, leaving raised edges and giving the impression of low relief. Two encircling lines at lower body. Above, alternating sets of two vertical lines and seven closely spaced vertical zigzags. Not drawn.
General shape: small closed -- Extent preserved: <1/3 -- Parts: body, base -- Joins: 1 -- Base type: flat -- Wall - body: 3 -- Wall - base: 4 -- Exterior slip: thin -- Exterior lustre: matt -- Mottling - exterior: none -- Colour - exterior: 2.5YR2.5/0 -- Colour - fabric: 10YR6/4 -- Texture: fine -- Inclusions - number: few -- Inclusions - size: small -- Inclusions - colour: black, white -- Hardness: medium-hard -- Core presence: none -- Decoration technique: incised -- Decoration quality: medium