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Tomb and Item: 
Tomb 772, P26
Black Polished
spindle whorl
Approximately half of a relatively large biconical whorl. Both terminals flattened and decorated. Surface worn. Incised decoration with possible white infill. Three-line horizontal zig-zag at mid-body. Sets of three oppositely angled lines above and below. Parallel angled lines on terminals. Slip in perforation. No obvious wear around perforation. Ht 40. Diameter 40. Diameter of perforation 12mm at each terminal, 10mm at the centre. Preserved Wt 28.1g. Drawn.
Extent preserved: >1/3 -- Joins: 1 -- Exterior slip: worn -- Exterior lustre: ? -- Mottling - exterior: none -- Colour - exterior: 2.5YR2.5/0 -- Colour - fabric: 10YR6/4 -- Texture: fine -- Inclusions - number: few -- Inclusions - size: small, medium -- Inclusions - colour: red, white -- Hardness: soft -- Core presence: none -- Decoration technique: incised -- Decoration quality: medium