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Tomb and Item: 
Tomb 789, P75
White Painted IV
Six non-joining rim, neck, body and handle fragments from a large flask. Base, much of body and mouth missing. Tall lentoid body. Short cylindrical neck tapering slightly to round mouth with slightly flaring rim. Low vertical handle (mostly missing) from mid-neck. Small secondary vertical handle (or pierced lug) on front of vessel at neck base. Unpierced lug on neck above secondary handle. Pairs of low rounded unpierced lugs on edge of body, one on shoulder, one at mid-body, as preserved. Decorated in matt black/brown paint. On neck horizontal zig-zag at point of handle attachment, with parallel horizontal lines above and below. On each side of body alternating horizontal crosshatched zig-zag band and horizontal row of crosshatched lozenges, with three or four parallel horizontal lines between. On edges of body vertical row of plain lozenges framed by three parallel vertical lines. Solid paint on sides of secondary handle. Surface of secondary handle worn. Drawn.
General shape: large closed -- Extent preserved: <1/3 -- Parts: rim, neck, body, handle -- Joins: 6 -- Mouth type: round -- Mouth angle: horizontal -- Rim course: flaring -- Rim profile: constant -- Rim end: rounded -- Handle type: low vertical -- Handle section: round -- Handle location: mid neck -- Neck type: upward taper -- Lug type: unpierced -- Lug number: 5 -- Rim diameter - general: <100 -- Rim diameter - specific: 25 -- Wall below rim: 2 -- Wall - body: 3 -- Exterior slip: thin -- Exterior lustre: matt -- Paint lustre: matt -- Mottling - exterior: none -- Colour - exterior: 2.5Y8/3 -- Colour - fabric: 2.5Y7/3 -- Texture: fine -- Inclusions - number: few -- Inclusions - size: small -- Inclusions - colour: white -- Core presence: none -- Decoration technique: painted -- Decoration quality: high